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Paypal Fraud.
WC Register.
Bank Scams.
Consumer Fraud.
Get a good spam filter

This may help 99% of the time, however you will be at risk in
deleting/ignoring emails that are important

Check email addresses carefully, including links

They may not always point to the site in the text

Don’t respond to emails

If you respond you are at risk

Google it

A simple google search will tell you if the email is a scam

Get a private email address

Gmail and other public free email accounts are always the target

You were not randomly selected to win anything

There is no such thing as Coca Cola, Microsoft or Google lottery
If you did not play (and pay) how could you have won anything?

Banks never email

No Bank will email you if you account is in trouble
They will call you

Always use a credit card holding company for purchases

Once they have your credit card details you are in trouble

Use your head

You cannot expect anybody to protect you but yourself, you are
never safe use your head.

Too Good To Be True

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