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This site is for Paypal users who have been defrauded by Paypal
This site is not for Paypal users who “never had a problem” with Paypal
The only reason why you “never had a problem” with paypal is because they cannot defraud you
This site will not offer alternative pay sites, you need to use your head and do some research before using any pay site

Paypal policy stating that you cannot institute a class action law suite is a wake up call that you will never get your money
Paypal is not the “most convenient” payment method available in the world
Paypal is not the “safest” way to process electronic payments
Paypal does not offer buyers-seller protection whatsoever regardless of their policy
Paypal is not the ONLY  method in the world to process electronic payments
Paypal offers FALSE information of your Credit Card being “safe”
Not having Paypal as payment option will lose you potential clients
Paypal WILL eventually rip you off, stupid are the ones who do not notice it
Paypal IS conducting its business in a fraudulent way
Paypal finds the opportunity to rip you off when they actually have to do their job
Paypal ONLY protects themselves
Paypal will bend over backwards when your bank threatens them and not you
Paypal makes their profit from ripping you off, they make no profit from fees
Paypal do not have quality staff as they cut corners to make more profit
Paypal WILL steal money from your credit card after they deplete your account
Paypal frequent policy changes are there to protect Paypal and not you
Paypal has over 100,000 customers money frozen at any time most will never get their money
Its VERY EASY to see how:

When a transaction becomes suspicious Paypal job is to protect the parties involved, this is what we pay them to do however as their business is run cheap they cannot handle the job it is easier to  simply make the profit and screw the client.

So Paypal freezes, closes, blocks the account and lets you fumble around like an idiot trying to get your money which will never ever happen, the moment you jump the hoops they want you to jump their next step is to simply CLOSE the account and keep the money

This is much easier than having to actually protect the parties involved as this costs money that Paypal does not want to spend.

Why then do we use Paypal even though:

Because we are stupid
When sites are around that warn us of what happened to them and we think this “will never happen to me” we are stupid and deserve to get ripped off by Paypal

If you got ripped of by Paypal AFTER reading all the horror stories on all the Websites then you are an even bigger idiot.
Paypal CAN and WILL rip you off and CAN and WILL get away with it.

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