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10 October 2014

Please send me the viper, also let me know the difference i need to pay. Thank you

6 November 2014

Hi there I will pay you your 200 as soon as I am out of the hospital I have not forgotten

25 December 2014
No Payment Received
Bacanov Alexei
Darvin 19 ap 21
Slaviansk, 84100
Donetsk, Ukraine

380964473026 -

Paypal Sanctioned Fraud  R3219.30
12 February 1993

Various CD Software Packages via Mail Order

10 October 1993

Received 2 CDPackages value R750

14 November 1993

Received 1 CD Package value R90

From there on received nothing else
“Sales Lady who handled my order quit”
When stating your case never lie about it

This will unavoidably be use against you and everything else you state thereafter will affect your issue with the store
Consumers always exaggerate on such issues like shipping time order dates etc. Just to make a point but a lie is a lie regardless

State facts dont try to tell the store how to run their business

This is simply telling them how you would run your business they are not you and you are not them.

If you have trust issues

If you are skeptical about a store for reasons such as the location, race, years in business or just simply a gut feeling dont bother dealing with them.

Forget about reviews

All stories have 2 sides bad reviews always have missing parts in order to make the customer 150% correct in order to prove the store to be the devil

State what you want from the beginning

If the store knows exactly what you want how you want it and when you want it and they confirm possible and fail you can then lead with your issue rather than bring up a whole bunch of why nots later on

Give details be specific dont leave anything out

When asking for a refund give your banking details dont expect the store to magically know all your details as well as alternative emails, telephone, new address everything else they should know

Dont be a hard case for no reason

High maintenance clients are avoided like the plague, there are limits to what a store will go through to make a sale this is not one of them

Order : 106

First CD-ROM

Order : 20552

Angel Jacobs
Box 2670, Mossel Bay, 6500, South Africa
(073) 7523366

Hippobay Order  R185

Order Auction

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